UK Linux User Groups runs an IRC server for real time chit-chat on Linux type stuff and all are welcome to participate, the irc server is and the main channel we use is #linux.

Below are links on how to setup an IRC client. Popular IRC clients (linked below) include XChat, Pidgin, irssi and EPIC on Unix, and XChat & Pidgin under Windows. There's also a Java based IRC client, and one that runs entirely in a browser over HTTP (CGI:IRC).

Here are some links to help you get started with IRC.

Linux/Unix IRC clients

  • XChat - Graphical IRC client.
  • irssi - Text based IRC client.
  • epicsol
  • Pidgin - Graphical Instant Messaging and IRC client.

Windows IRC clients

  • XChat for Windows.
  • XChat for Windows - "Silverex build".
  • Wikipedia article explaining Windows builds of XChat.
  • Pidgin - Graphical Instant Messaging and IRC client for Windows.

Java IRC clients


  • CGI:IRC - IRC access in a standard web browser.



The irc server is at and the main channel we use is #linux however many LUGs have their own channel, for example Hampshire LUG uses #hants, Surrey uses #surrey and Kent uses #klug. Of course many other channels are available.

Join the #linux channel by entering /join #linux and then chat away!

To leave and disconnect from the server, type /quit

For help, use the /msg nickserv help command.

Have fun and enjoy! :-)