How to start a LUG

Before you create a LUG, there are a number of things you should consider:

  • Is there an existing LUG in the area? Look at neighbouring areas, join their mailing lists and ask about their coverage.
  • Do you have a starter group of members already interested?
    • Join neighbouring LUGs and ask there to find out if there's interest.
    • Ask on the uk.comp.os.linux newsgroup as well.
  • In our experience, non-geographical LUGs don't tend to work very well. There are a few in existence, but few are large, and many founder very quickly. Think carefully about sustainability before trying to create a non-geographical LUG.
  • A domain name of "" is preferable to "". You should also check that there isn't already a LUG with that domain name on

Once you've decided on a name and coverage area for your LUG, you should:

  • Apply for use of server facilities.
    • We will also automatically sign you up to the lugmaster mailing list, where most of the UK LUG organisers talk about issues of relevance to all LUGs in the UK.
  • Announce your achievements:
    • On the uk.comp.os.linux newsgroup
    • Advise the UK Linux Magazines (for example, 'Linux Format' and 'Linux Magazine') of your new LUG details for publication
    • Maybe on other local LUG mailing lists (with permission of course)
  • Enjoy your new LUG, and have fun

Other resources: