LUGMaster Mailing lists

The lugmaster list exists for the discussion of anything of interest to more than one LUG in the UK. The list is open to anyone who is involved in the organisation of LUGs (or other free software groups) in the UK.

This page is designed to list the current aims and policies of this list, with guidelines on how best to use it.


The Purpose of this List

This is an informal discussion mailing list open to all organisers of UK based Linux (and other open-source OS) user groups.

Aimed primarily at user group organisational issues. Requests for detailed technical help should be posted elsewhere (for example, one of the local LUG mailing lists).

Subscription Policy

Anyone involved in the organisation of UK based LUGs may subscribe to the list and take an active part in discussions.

Who can post to the list?

Only subscribers may post to this list. If you are not a LUG coordinator, but would like to get in touch with the LUGMasters, then send an email via our contact form, and it will be passed on to the lugmasters for their consideration. Please do not attempt to send email directly to this (or any other) mailing lists. Subscription to many lists at once followed by mails to them all is likely to prejudice people against you, and will do more harm than good.

What can be posted to the list ?

No outside advertisements should be directly posted to the list, although subscribers may forward material to the list if they believe it will be of interest to other LUG coordinators or LUG members nationally as a whole.

Links to LUG related news items from the main web sources of Linux News (eg LWN, slashdot, etc) may be forwarded to the list if someone finds something interesting that may be of relevance to other LUG coordinators.

Please note that postings of large attachments to the list will probably bounce, as there is a limit on the size of email distributed via the list.

Misc Information

  • The list is Mailman managed.
  • The list is archived, but the archives are available to subscribers only.
  • The list is not moderated.

Using the list

Subscribing to the list:

Please subscribe online here.

Managing your access to the mailing list

Please use this web interface, authenticating with your password.

Sending mail to the list

All email to the mailing list itself (once you have subscribed) should be sent to, and this will then be distributed to all subscribers on the list.

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