The current team of administrators are:

Name PGP/GPG Key
Ralph Corderoy No
Jon Spriggs Yes
Alasdair Kergon Yes
Gavin Westwood No

They may be contacted en masse through the administrators mailing list.

The admins are responsible for the services provided by facilities. They are not responsible for the content of any websites or mailing lists hosted on services. Requests concerning content hosted on services should be directed to the content owner in the first instance.

The admins are not here for generic ‘Linux help’ enquiries. If your enquiry is not about the running of services on, please contact a local LUG near to you.

Any queries regarding the running of services, press enquiries or companies wishing to contact the UK LUGs should be directed to the administrators.

We would like to thank Mark Lewis, Phil Clarke, Andy Smith, Clive Jones, Kevin Taylor, Neil Darlow, Nick Drage, Denny De La Haye, Jay Bennie, and Hugo Mills, Graham Bleach, Adrian Bridgett, Ciemon Dunville, Alan Pope, Mat Grove and David Hughes for their past efforts in running